You’ve asked and Naja delivered! This book is THE ANSWER to where and how to get clients.

Is this you?

“I don’t know how to market”.

“I don’t know where to market”.

“I don’t know what to say”.

“I don’t know how to start”.

I hear this A LOT. 

Luckily, I have you covered. 

Equipped with a pitch and a plan YOU WILL BE GOLDEN! 

Are you great at your craft yet feeling frustrated with lack of clients? 

Are you overwhelmed to the point of taking no action when it comes to marketing?

Are you stuck with HOW TO and WHERE to market your services?

Trust me, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Thousands of beauty professionals are in the same boat. 

That is where I come in. I have always had a teaching heart and a passion to help others. But did you know I used to teach the technique and skills of nails and doing the actual services. That all changed when I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Paris Fashion Week and do nails for all the shows. 

I got to meet so many beauty pros from around the world and I was floored by how much talent there truly was. I am humble enough to know some of these techs work was soooo much better than mine, however they were not doing their craft full-time because they could not ‘figure out how to make money at it.’ Most were working full-time at a job like the bakery or insurance company and doing beauty services part-time or as a ‘hobby’ or just ‘for friends/family’. Learning this and seeing this really broke my heart. I made a decision then and there to stop teaching the technique of nails and start teaching HOW TO MARKET, HOW TO GET CLIENTS AND HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL. 

The industry has a TON of technique classes for anything you could possibly want to learn. Yet, even if you master those skills if you do not have a paying client in your chair, what does it really matter? If you are the best at such & such beauty service but cannot get clients and have to work a job you despise what was the mastering of that skill for?

I want you to shine. Truly shine. I am here to get you to learn, know and practice MARKETING TECHNIQUES just as much as your beauty techniques. 

This book is for anyone that needs clients!!! 

You need 2 things to be successful at marketing. 

An elevator pitch and a marketing plan. This book is your guidebook and plan. If you need an elevator pitch please take my MARKETING COURSE HERE.

I work mostly with beauty professionals however, I have given my MARKETING CLASS: HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF & YOUR BUSINESS, ANYTIME & ANYWHERE, IN 2 EASY STEPS to psychologists, dog groomers, photographers, yoga teachers, matchmakers & healers. Anyone who does not get a guaranteed paycheck and who needs clients will benefit from this book plus the online marketing class. 


  • Naja’s tried and true playbook of the 55 places that have potential clients for you

  • A play by play approach of what to do for each place

  • Ideas of how to get maximum exposure for your business

  • Feeling stuck? Use this guidebook and take an action each week or month for one year and watch your clientele grow

  • Marketing is about planting seeds (not hunting, where you eat right away), watering the soil (building relationships) and in time a bountiful garden is to be enjoyed (consistent clients)

Course curriculum


This is a 30 page guidebook of WHERE TO market your services, how to get exposure and make connections and money in your very own community. Many of these same places can also be found on social media so you can use this PLAYBOOK as a step by step, play by play guide to market your business, both in person (traditional marketing) and through social media (digiatal marketing). Get out there and SHARE YOURSELF & your gifts! *************************************************** NAJA NOTE: You do not need a paypal account. You can purchase with any debit or credit card. You will need to click a Paypal button, however the next screen then gives you the option to pay with any debit or credit card.


Marketing is not hard. Yes, effort is needed! Yet, it’s your thoughts about yourself and marketing that make it hard.Not having a marketing plan makes it hard. Equipped with an elevator pitch and this playbook you CAN GET A FULL BOOK OF CLIENTS.